The  Vargas  Family Trips & Vacations



Czech Republic, Dec 2011

Ireland, Dec 2010    Turkey, Dec 2009    Italy, Dec 2008

Hungary, Dec 2007     Massachusetts, Nov 2007   Germany, Dec 2006

Spain, Dec 2005   Puerto Rico, May 2005   Belgium, Dec 2004

Montauk, July 2004   Canada, April 2004   Chile, Dec 2003

Massachusetts, Nov 2003   Montauk, July 2003   England, Dec 2002

France, Dec 2002   Italy, April 2001



We welcome you to share some of our family moments through this collection of pictures. Some are more cherished than others, but all represent very important occasions in our lives. Enjoy!

Where there is a great love, there are always miracles

Willa Cather

We try to update this site often, especially for family and friends that are far away so we can all share the memories...